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"It takes very special information to lead to transformation. From Crisis to Creativity is very special and can lead you to revelation and rebirth. Charcoal to diamonds - use the pressure."
- Bernie Siegel M.D., author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles

  • What if 75 percent of what we now call depression is actually unresolved grief?
  • What if anger is actually an untapped energy source for creativity?
  • What if obsessive worry is actually restrained passion?

Dr. Gail C. Feldman casts tragedy in a new light as she presents grief as a catalyst for creativity. Portraits of a wide range of historical figures, including the biblical Job, Van Gogh, Gandhi, and Michelangelo, plus clinical case studies and the examples of modern artists, illustrate how pain and depression can be transformed into powerful expressions of the self. The author's pioneering work provides a map for finding possibility and creativity among the ruins of personal loss and life change. This is no less than alchemy of the spirit.

The physical reaction to crisis is the stress response, the emotional reaction to crisis is grief. Much of this book is about the need to engage in the "grieving feelings" in order to process or metabolize crises and adapt to change. Creative self-expression is both an instrument for overcoming grief and a bonus for discovering a wider, more fulfilling life.

As we learn to accept change and growth cycles as a simple fact of life, we not only become more change resilient, we also become more creative. It's time to relax our judgment about "'negative" experiences and recognize that while we can't choose what happens to us, we can choose how to respond. In this way, every crisis is an "energy opportunity".

An edition of From Crisis to Creativity has been published by Time Warner in the United Kingdom, titled Taking Advantage of Adversity.