What is Life Coaching? Why I trained to become a coach:

My thirty-five years as a clinical psychologist have brought a deep commitment to human growth and development and great fulfillment through helping people move through stress and grief to become the authentic, engaged and productive people they knew they could be.

Therapists tend to be the experts, however, and psychology tends to study “the dire, the deadly, and the derailing.”

As a coach, I partner with my clients in creating a clear context for their strengths, gifts, greatness and the achievement of their goals and dreams. This focus evolved from Positive Psychology, athletic and business coaching, and studies of leadership.
Professional Coaching raises the bar and takes one to the highest level of personal functioning in all areas of life. The ontological coaching can remove any blocks to creating the most fulfilling life you could imagine. And I am always thrilled and honored to be a part of such transformative work."

The Five Golden Keys-The Focus for life coaching

Balance: Find the balance that supports productivity and personal well-being. Life Balance is truly problematic for people in our society, as we tend to be “addicted to urgency.” Ontological life coaching- looking at how we are Being in life- as distinct from only facilitative coaching, clears away what’s been blocking velocity in accomplishing our goals and recognizing the powerful, larger Self.
Essence: Learn to live from your essence––your pure, essential, authentic nature—and discover extraordinary relationships and unprecedented results in life. I stand for people seeing the brilliance of their Essence, who they truly are for themselves and others, and their purpose for being on the planet. WATERFrom this place of total self-acceptance and love, conditions and distractions of everyday life fade… manifestation of heart’s desires becomes the main focus.
Leader: Discover greater power, satisfaction, momentum and relatedness- and discover the leader that you are. Leaders communicate the worth and potential of people so clearly that they come to see it in themselves. People come to therapists for help in working through symptoms of stress related to conditions and events in their lives. Therapy tends to look at what’s wrong with people and situations. In coaching- there is nothing wrong, nothing to fix. We look at strength-building, gifts, dreams, greatness. This focus evolved from positive psychology, athletic and business coaching, and studies of leadership.
Partnership: The coaching relationship provides an ongoing partnership that helps you produce breakthrough results in your chosen areas of focus. My commitment is that you achieve every goal that you define as bringing fulfillment to your life.

Vision: Remove the barriers to the experience of life-altering love as you design your life projects and create an audacious and extraordinary vision for your future.


* "Dear Gail: You have been a dynamic force in my life. You have taken me through a supportive, yet complex un-layering of work-life-balance issues to reveal my true essence. From that place you've encouraged me to see the grandest vision of my life's purpose. Each session has been an Aha! moment, giving momentum to my goals and desires."
- Lori Eanes- Physician

* "I feel like a different person! Almost a Scrooge-like transformation. Thank you, Gail, for facilitating this huge life change."
- John Dillon- Musician, Creator of Art of the Song Radio

* "Thank you so much for sharing the life coaching experience with me. The practices I learned are life-changing for my stress management and overall wellbeing. The visioning, goal and reward setting processes were invaluable and will help keep me motivated. You were a pleasure to work with, your joy and passion for life and learning are contagious and inspirational. It was so helpful to my growth--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual!"
- Ana Baca- Writer, Business Owner

* "Deciding to partner with Dr. Gail Feldman as a life coach proved to be a wise decision with an enormous return on my investment. Although I consider myself a motivated and disciplined individual, I recognize I create the obstacles that prevent me from achieving my personal and professional goals. Working with Dr. Feldman as a life coach cultivated my awareness, acknowledgement and appreciation for my essence and life’s purpose. This enabled me to live more skillfully and to shift my energy from self-created obstacles to open doors to possibility, creativity, and living my best life. I am so grateful for Dr. Feldman."
- Karen Chase- Attorney, Author

* "Thank you for your gift of insight and knowing. You have made my coaching a tremendous journey and I know the best is yet to come."
- Sarah Raney- Firefighter

* "Gail- you significantly assisted me in being present and patient in my relationships- bringing me closer to my loved ones. Your wisdom and guidance have been a blessing."
- Dan Bartels- EQ Business Consultant

* "Dr. Feldman: Thank you for helping me shine light on the blocks to my greater achievement. I will be forever grateful for the gift you have given me- the key to my very own inner strength and wisdom. I now know I can accomplish anything I set out to. I feel like I’ve sprouted wings."
- Christine Moore- Teacher

* “I decided to enter a coaching arrangement with Gail Feldman for several reasons.  Like most people, I can see things pretty clearly when I’m not part of the picture.  Having someone on the outside has helped provide me with significant clarity, perspective, and balance.
  Since starting coaching, I’ve accomplished a number of goals and the work continues.  I’ve become healthier and more well balanced in my life.  I’ve faced several very difficult interpersonal situations and have created a new, more positive reality for myself.  I’m happier, more productive, and truly enjoying the fruits of my labor.
I recommend coaching for anyone (like me) that sometimes feel overwhelmed with the many important and pressing priorities in their lives.  Having someone to share and collaborate with can make a profound difference.  It has for me. -Keith Harris, Founder and Chairman,
- The Kemtah Group, Inc.

“You have done such an excellent job coaching and always had the resources, knowledge and intuition to combat any situation. You have made some very difficult times much easier and meaningful. And you have given me many tools to help me operate from my essence. I thank you tremendously for your expertise and friendship.”
–Beth Brandon, Attorney & Entrepreneur

* "I honor my own coaches, particularly Elizabeth Ward and Janis Pullen, for their brilliance. Their ability to facilitate growth and greatness on every level led me to another book, another career, and a degree of self-respect and love that I never thought I would regain following a devastating accident. From my heart to theirs, I bow in gratitude."
- Gail Carr Feldman- Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Coach

Please call or email me to set up a complimentary introductory phone session. I want to share the coaching experience with you.