Archived Columns by Dr. Feldman

In this area of the website I've included the articles that I have published. I hope you find these pieces motivational, inspirational, and, above all, catalysts to define yourself in the best of all possible ways. Keep in mind that we are all works in process, evolving and growing our own brand of creativity.- Gail Carr Feldman, PhD

  • Making the Impossible Possible: Viktor Frankl’s Resilience A Presentation for The American Institute for Medical Education October 2014 – Vienna, Austria
  • Gandhi in South Africa- Training for Resilience. Talk presented at the Creativity and Madness Conference, October 2012 by The American Institute for Medical Education, Capetown, South Africa
    This talk outlines Gandhi’s early life and the training as a lawyer that took him to South Africa where he experienced first-hand the prejudice and violence that led to his becoming an organizer, and then a leader in peace more
  • Vietnam Relections The meeting I just attended in Thailand and Viet Nam was one of those profound life experiences I have to write about now before the memories slip into the arteriosclerotic areas of my brain, like lost socks from the clothes dryer.
  • Is There Enough Passion In Your Life? How much excitement can you stand? How much joy can you tolerate? How much pain? Well hold on, because if you want passion, intense passion in your life, you may be in for a wild ride. more
  • New Horizons On our life journey, every change presents us with a new horizon. Sometimes these horizons are breathtakingly beautiful, and other times they appear bleak and barren. The New York City skyline now looks empty, the missing towers representing tremendous loss and pain.more
  • Responding to Terrorism On a commuter flight to Los Angeles one morning, I was reading the paper, intentionally ignoring the condescending instructions on how to fasten my seatbelt, when my ears picked up the following statement: "Should the air pressure drop in the cabin of the aircraft, an oxygen mask will fall in front of you. After you stop screaming, place the mask over your nose and mouth." Laughter erupted from the passengers as we realized that the stewardess had turned her normally boring, informational talk into a comedy routine. more
  • We Are All 'Famous Firsts' Madeline Albright is the first woman Secretary of State. My friend Roberta Ramo is the first woman president of the American Bar Association. Miss Piggy is the first porcine woman to become an international star. These are clearly exciting times for women, and yet most of us will not become "the first woman" to achieve political or public stardom.more
  • What Is Success? What is success? Someone has said that a person is a success "who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much; whose life is an inspiration, whose memory is a benediction." more
  • Beauty and The Beast When Beauty was confined to the Beast's castle, she wasn't expecting to find happiness. When Snow White discovered the forest home of the dwarfs, she wasn't expecting a rescue by Walt Disney, but only survival. The message for young women from these stories is not about finding Prince Charming, but about hard work, learning to believe in oneself and knowing the power of love. more
  • Having Character or Being One When I think of the term "character," I wonder if I want it applied to me as a noun or an adjective. Is it something I wish to have or to be? Would I like to be viewed as a "real character" or as "having character"? more
  • The Art of Self Expression Painter Georgia O'Keeffe said, "The days you work are the best days." She was referring to her art, of course, which was her passion. In this New Year, let's begin to view all of our work as our art. In doing so, every activity in which we invest our passionate energy will become our personal creativity. In my new book, From Crisis to Creativity, I define creativity as "the art of growing self-expression." In every way that we express and idea, a thought, a plan, a feeling, we give someone - including ourselves - a gift. more
  • Is There Enough Time? All of us sometimes feel that there is "not enough time" in our lives to focus on work, family, community, and personal creativity. We fret about time management, time pressure, running out of time, finding time, time crunch, and quality time. more
  • What Are You Worth? Do we wish to consider our worth in terms of money? Should we be concerned about how worthwhile we are in the eyes of others? Or might we reflect upon and honor our intrinsic worth as human beings? In the historical context, we recall that women have been devalued and seen as worth less than men for the past several thousand years. more
  • Transitions Helen Keller said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Some of us, during particular life transitions, would opt for nothing - a little nothingness, a drop in the adrenaline, a simple diminution of stimuli, or as one of my friends says at times of chaos, "I need to just sit on my bed and suck my thumb." We long for time to emotionally regroup. more
  • Resolving Life Crises I believe it is out of the crucible of crisis that we grow ourselves into full maturity. That perception alone, that there will be a pearl at the end of the grinding-down, can help us as we persevere through the purgatory of life events that lay us low and sometimes feel impossible to cope with. more
  • Who Influences You? Developmental psychologists would say that our earliest and most lasting influences come from our families and caretakers. If we are fortunate to be raised by loving and attentive people, we internalize values and develop the capacity for connection and intimate attachments, and we construct psychological defenses to provide just the right amount of protection against negative outside influences. more
  • Baked to Perfection (From Albuquerque Magazine) (An interview) Gail Feldman's new book takes on the challanges of midlife more